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Digital transformation and innovative technologies are fundamental requirements for the industrial revolution 4.0. It will be embedded in every aspect of enterprise, organization, and society.

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We help emerging enterprises onboard modern technical solutions through swift incubation and enterprise services.

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Where participants work together to resolve their business problems, they create a productive and vibrant ecosystem.


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After forming your MVE, Design your business model for the blockchain network. Justify costs and illustrate the benefits to your ecosystem.


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With our previous experiences and best practices, we can help to accelerate the blockchain journey for you.

Blockchain Explained

Understanding blockchain technology can be challenging, but with the right expertise, guidance, and knowledge, one can visualize its true potential to transform the world into a better-trusted place for everyone. The first thing we need to understand, what is blockchain technology, and how does it work?

What is blockchain
In Blockchain, Every transaction is recorded in a block and then added to the ledger in sequential order. These transactions are immutable, transparent, and traceable, which makes it feasible for the community members to investigate any transaction history to verify authenticity at each level.
How does blockchain work
Blockchain technology enhances users to own and control their data. Also, Reduces the overall costing as well as increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations to move towards profitability and growth.
Why do we need blockchain
Blockchain adoption and implementations are forming trusted platforms and are continuously receiving growth as well as appreciation. In today's digitized world, blockchain technology can provide multiple chances to design and drive business value through traceability, authenticity.
What is cryptocurrency
A cryptocurrency is a digital asset outlined to work as a tool of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in the form of a computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership. When implemented with decentralized control, each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database.

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain-powered business solutions. It provides Greater transparency, Enhanced security, Increased efficiency, and Reduced costs.

Blockchain Consultancy

Get decisive advice on the blockchain and assistance throughout the integration into your ecosystem.

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Our Blockchain Solutions

BPH Hemp Supply-Chain Ecosystem

BPH is an enterprise blockchain supply-chain solution that allows transaction partners to confidently and securely share information, creating a transparent and trustworthy global hemp supply chain.

  • Safer and efficient ecosystem
  • Trace hemp products during each step of the supply chain
  • An ecosystem for all participants suppliers, processors, retailers, and consumers
  • Securing user and product data

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Convert your cryptocurrency into ORBT and enter the world of magic where your ORB Token increases dynamically. Supraorb offers players to earn real value assets in Decentralized cryptocurrency investment game for the most accelerated growth. "Play to Earn" on the blockchain-driven game platform. Start earning right after your investment, and ORB tokens can be converted to any cryptocurrency.

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Earn an average of 10% a month and DHFT referral rewards by investing in a Decentralized Hedge Fund autonomously ran by artificial intelligence, entirely for financial management.

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Blockchain in Various Industries

Blockchain in Healthcare industry

Blockchain technology is an assuring technology that has enormous potential to revolutionize healthcare and other related industries to increase the essence of care by allowing digital transformation and patient empowerment. The healthcare blockchain system magnifies the storage and sharing of blockchain healthcare data processes within the healthcare industry, including insurance companies, patients, hospitals, and other parties.

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Blockchain in Retail & Consumer Goods industry

Every organization requires to replace manual processes with a digital upgrade or digital transformation, upskill existing talent with digital skills and drive innovations with digital at the core. If blockchain provides more transparency, efficient delivery, better quality, and reduced cost across the supply chain, gained benefits can be distributed onto the customer.


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