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WSCF Presents you the world's first Decentralized Hedge Fund

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Blockchain Technology is like DNA as it uses cryptography mathematics and has qualities that are transparent, secure, efficient, and immutable.

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A.I Algorithm Bot

Artificial Intelligence is programmed to gather enormous amount of data, records the decision-making process on the blockchain, a further step towards transparency.

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DHF is the result of 12 years of experience, based on a continuous process of planning, analyzing, continuous improvement, and reproduction.

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Where your money works for you 24/7!

Earn an average of 10% a month (based on past performance) and DHFT referral rewards by investing in a Decentralized Hedge Fund autonomously ran by artificial intelligence, entirely for financial management.

  • Earn $20 DHFT for each referral
  • 10% AI fee on your monthly earnings
  • 1% Transaction Fee on withdraw with better Flexibility and Improved Security

Right Time for Cryptocurrency Investment

DHF offers an average of 10% a month (based on past performance) on your systematic investments, surplus the compounded interest on profits, your $20.00 DHFT referral benefits and imagine all that while having your morning coffee.

Trusted Technology

Start a strategic investment plan to achieve your desired goals without worrying about any market disrupts.


Your DHF platform gives you the liberty to use limitless cryptocurrencies in exponential Ways.

A Gift that keeps on giving


Sign up and activate your account by providing an email, password and a $20.00 activation fee. No KYC required. This process grants you access to your dashboard, where AI will start cryptocurrency trading for you and open a route for your exponential growth.


After activating your AI trader with a one time $20.00 activation fee, the AI will start trading to ensure profits through your DHF statistical and analytical dashboard. Deposit and withdraw options on the panel enhance production and keeps track of your earnings.


Artificial Intelligence technology programmed with financial growth functionalities works for you continuously. Relax and let the technology work at its highest efficiency. When you refer DHF to others, you will earn a one-time $20.00 DHFT referral reward.

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  • At DHF WE CONTROL OUR OWN MONEY!!! Never will we have to be at the mercy of any centralized institution again. Never again will our money have to be held hostage. I’m never looking back and neither will DHF!!! Let’s change the world for the better!!!

    Quintin BradfordEntrepreneur
  • No doubt. It's amazing what you've been able to produce here i look forward to years and years of impacting peoples lives with this platform. Btw loved the onboarding process i think I was done from start to finish in 3 minutes

    GorodWoonga Games
  • Use the compounding calculator to give you an idea of the roi that's possible..Remember DHF has a 28 month winning streak and has an avg return of 10% per month. This year's return is 15%..Have fun.

    Bryan SmithGoogle

DHF Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

Debit cards will be available to make your cryptocurrency investment and earnings available for everyday use, giving you the freedom of choice when it comes to managing your funds. You can conveniently spend digital currencies without waiting for withdrawals to hit your bank account.

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The DHF platform is a fully autonomous Decentralized Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund, entirely programed for financial management and ran by Artificial Intelligence. It gives you the liberty to use unlimited cryptocurrencies in exponential ways and trades 24/7 while you enjoy your life without any worries.

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Financial Growth

Your earnings are compounded on your investment, monthly profit and DHFT referral rewards.

Long Term Perspective

DHF believes in long-term solutions that generate enough value in a decentralized process.

Transparent Trading

You may check daily closed trades with details like the date, time, pairs, ROE and P&L, etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing boosts connectivity while generating the best productivity.