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World Social Community Federation

We create ideas, innovate and see through the entire process of planning, development to the execution. We work closely with your brand and tailor solutions to enhance brand success & customer experience.

With our expertise and previous experience in Blockchain, we provide next-generation blockchain consulting and facilitate business growth through cutting edge technologies like Hyperledger and deep-learning.



Technical Advancement

Industrial revolution 4.0 requires Digital transformation and innovative technologies.

Creative Strategy

From Seed to Sale We help your Idea Grow.

Every Solution is Unique

We at WSCF aim to deliver technological transformation through continuous innovation according to industry requirements. We help emerging enterprises onboard modern technical solutions through swift incubation and enterprise services.

We love to innovate

The World Social Community Federation dedicated to futuristic advancement, life-changing ideas, and upliftment of society driven by creativity. We are presently working on the best solutions providing financial growth, organic food stability, green ecosystems and traveling independence all over the globe.

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September 2019


URTravel Introduces new technology

URTravel Introduces New Technology Channels with Blockchain Integration, Bringing Travel Further Mainstream


October 2019


Scandalous Evolution of travel industry

URTravel strives to level the playing field across the travel industry, connecting travel providers and travelers


April 2019


A Revolutionary leader in travel industry

URTravel, an undeniably ingenious invention powered by Blockchain Technology in this trillion dollar Traveling Industry.


July 2018


Blockchain implementations are forming trusted platforms

Blockchain technology is already shaping the future as a distributed ledger technology that provides transparency and reduced costs

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