Bonjour, Konnichiwa, Aloha, Shikamoo, Namaste, Merhaba, Hello, and many more similar words that every traveler learns first to greet locals throughout their journey. Travelling is all about experiencing different people, places, cultures, traditions, mouth-watering cuisine, architecture, nature, and many other extraordinary things. The more you travel, the more you change; travel isn't always comfortable; sometimes, you face adverse situations like losing your passport, luggage, money, and other times it leaves good memories. At WSCF, we believe that travel should be cheap, secure, hassle-free, and full of adventures. WSCF is trying to revolutionize the travel industry with a blockchain solution, from hotel booking to plane tickets to self-driven rented vehicles, anything, and everything to enhance the experience of the traveler. WSCF has partnered with blockchain-based solution UR TRAVEL that connects travelers and travel providers in the travel industry on a decentralized travel ecosystem through smart contracts and therefore eliminating the middleman.

COVID 19 effect

Tourism Economics experts expect travel to fall more than 10% globally this year, the most significant drop ever in the past 35 years. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has obtained more than 17,500 grievances from people whose holidays were hit due to the novel coronavirus. Travel industry experts say that this has been an unparalleled crisis that put many travel companies on the verge of a breakdown. Travelers only being proposed a voucher for future travel rather than a full refund due to which travelers are continuously losing their trust in the travel industry. Some travelers who received their deposits were being charged with hefty cancellation fees. Travel companies or agencies are also misleading customers about their rights. According to rules, companies are obliged to return the booking deposit of the traveler within 14 days of cancellation. Still, companies are failing to comprehend regulation issued by the government. In some cases of online booking, travelers are finding it challenging to contact travel companies to claim their refunds.

Reshaping travel industry

The travel and hospitality sector is one of the world's second-fastest-growing industries. Online travel companies usually impose 25% - 50% additional commission as the service fees that affect adversely to the traveler as well as the travel provider. In the past few years, technology made the least effort towards innovation for the travel industry. The same fraudulent process has been repeated again and again, third parties earning a hefty amount of travelers money, which is on the increase each passing year along with the database of millions of travelers. The travel industry requires a sophisticated streamline service, which can help eliminate unnecessary online travel companies and their hefty commission. Travel stands for fantastic experiences, passion, adventures, and freedom to explore every corner of the world. Whereas companies like Expedia, Priceline, and booking dot com have created complex ecosystems to fool travelers, there do exist companies like UR TRAVEL that provide transparent and trusted services to travelers and travel providers. UR TRAVEL is all decentralized, and the travelers reap the benefits in which your traveling experience (blogs, vlogs, articles, legitimate reviews, and ratings) can be traded with URToken. WSCF and UR Travel collaborated to start a new approach with a decentralized platform that will change the future of travel.

Reward system

Hundreds of blogs, articles, reviews, videos/vlogs, all this content is created for free by millions of travelers across the world because they want to share their experience with their friends, colleagues, and even with the whole world. But it doesn't occur to them that they are creating value and don't get any reward for it. With the hyper ledger investment system, travelers can earn security tokens based on the information they share. At the same time, the travel providers can have the full benefits of a transparent ecosystem that is middleman-less, fully automated, and utilize cryptocurrency and blockchain to transfer all rewards across the system.

Solving data breaches issues

Everyday, Travel industry giants are stealing client data through their internet postings, still can't provide the best solution for travelers. Blockchain allows creating secure digital records, and it allows the user to decide the access level of your personal information that you are giving out. Blockchain is known for its transparency, data security, process simplification, and UR TRAVEL solution comes with integrated cryptocurrency payments that are traceable, secure, and instant.

Efficiency is the key

WSCF is looking for different ways to digitize passports to reduce the cost and complexity around the document check, so passengers won't have to stand for hours in line and could walk through the airport. Approximately 23 million bags get miss-handled at airports every year, costing the industry around 2.5 billion US dollars. The collaboration of IoT and blockchain enhances passengers to track their luggage while traveling consecutive destinations.

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